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Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Problem Orders Policies

All Items are personalized and made-to-order.    Therefore, All Orders are Final and do not qualify for Return, Exchange, Refund or Credit.

Notice:    Please recheck your Order for accuracy before submission to Infinite Soul Vibes LLC.


Returns and Exchanges:

No Returns and Exchanges.   All items are personalized and custom-made orders.


 Refund Policy:

 All items are personalized and Made-to-Order and DO NOT qualify for a Refund.


Input Wrong Address or Order Information?

 You are responsible to input accurate shipping address and order information.   We will not update your order and/or your address once your order is placed.


Damaged/ Problem Order: 

If your delivery contained a damaged or wrong item, or an engraving error, then please reporthis ITEM :

(Step 1)  within 3 days of receipt of the item in question (Step 2) your Orderand (Step 3) Proof of photo image(s), attached.  

If not reported, as stated in the above 3 Steps, we will not consider your replacement issue.

 Please email :      support@infinitesoulvibes.com


Gift Cards:

No Refunds.

 In order to address your questions and serve you better, please email :