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What juicer do you use??

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What juicer do you use?? I get asked this question a lot. I searched for a long time to find a slow masticating juicer. Slow masticating? What’s that you ask?..Think of it as a slow juicer. Yes you heard that correctly a slow moving juicer. I’m sure you’ve heard of cold pressed juice. With slow masticating aka cold pressed juicing, there is no added heat being used exposing the fruit to less oxygen which preserves enzymes, nutrient strength and yields higher nutritional value overall. There is no pulp for those of you who are wondering, only juice. It's such a bonus knowing that my juice can now be stored up to 72 hours!


On my great search for a juicer I personally had a few things that I was looking for. My juicer had to have;

good reviews, was user friendly, have multi-functional use, a fairly easy clean up process and was quite. With that being said, in the end I chose the Omega Juicer (J8006HDS to be specific).


I've had my juicer for going on a year and a half now. I use it everyday and it is still running strong as it did on day 1. In my opinion what I love most about this juicer is that it’s super user friendly and quite. I also forgot to mention that I love making fresh fruit sorbet's that's as easy as just putting the correct attachments on and adding your favorite frozen fruits. You can also extrude fresh pasta noodles, make your own nut butters/ nut milk, baby food and the list goes on.

There are so many great juicers out there so do your own personal research on what matters most to you. Here are some of 2021 best juicers. My Omega juicer is truly such a great investment that I don't regret buying it one bit.